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Default Stalled Conversion Project

I am giving up on my V8 Miata project. Pictures (Miata MX-5.0 - Album on Imgur)
Built 302 from a 94 Mustang, 93 Miata Donor body.

I purchased the conversion kit from Monster Miata (V8 Monster Kit) and it included the modified K member, rear end, trans hanger and several other pieces.

The Engine:
Block is from a 94 Mustang.
Bottom end was gone over and rebuilt by same shop that installed Edelbrock performer heads, the cams, rollers and timing set.

I installed the Edelbrock performer intake and accessories. new March Serpentine pulleys, alternator, water pump, fuel rail, injectors, wire loom, etc...

It will need a transmission. The transmission I purchased new was stolen from the garage I was using for the build. The engine was on a stand at time and the oil fill cap, distributor, plug wires, and wire loom were also stolen. I have since replaced the distributor.

The Car:
In 2006, I Purchased a 93 Miata with the intention of doing the V8 conversion. The top is in good condition, no tears or holes, and has a glass rear window. Manual windows. It had around 200,000 miles on the engine, it leaked oil and the clutch slipped pretty badly. At 205,988 miles, the engine gave out.

At this point, I had already installed the Boss Frog Double Hoop Maxx 6-point roll hoops, The Colbalt Low Profile headlights, the Motegi Traklite 2.0 wheels with the Toyo Proxes, the KYB AGX Shocks, Good-Win Racing Big Brake kit, Turn Signal intakes, new vinyl seat covers, and the Clearwater Headrest speakers. The driver's side after market mirror was snapped off from the stem.

The Racing Beats Springs and Sway bars were installed while prepping the body for the Conversion.

The body has a rusted through spot in front of the driver's side rear tire, about 2"x3", and lots of dings and scrapes. The trunk got stuck closed at some point, and it was "manipulated" open with crow bars and hammers. (See pics) It will need a new trunk lid.

The engine is sitting in the body on the modified K member. The hood closes.
It still needs a transmission, and engine needs to be mated with the body; connect the fuel lines, the sensor wires, most are labeled, finalize the connection to the radiator, etc...
I would provide all the parts that I have purchased that have not been installed yet, (see build sheet in the linked images)

I have about $19 thousand in just the car and parts. I know I won't get anywhere near that, so what's it worth right now?
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The engine and "conversion kit" is worth more than the chassis and everything else you have, my advice is to part it out to try and recoup at least .50 on the dollar if you are lucky.

Bill S
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