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Garfuss 04-16-2015 04:50 PM

Two Miata's

Live in Spokane WA. Have two Miatas. 2005 Mazdaspeed with all FM mods at 351HP. And a 2003 with a 2013 LS3 E-Rod V8. Love the V8 and the E-Rod is a fabulous engine. Passes our Washington OBDII test no sweat. Over 10,000 miles since I built it using all FM parts and instructions. No problems except need to check all the underside bolts for tightness from time to time.

ToySnakePMC 04-16-2015 05:15 PM

WOW ! Now that's an impressive first post you have here! Welcome Garfuss. I - and about every other V8M fan on this board - hope and encourage you to POST some pics of your fine pair of Mazdas.

If you are willing, please start a BUILD thread with some related pics, comments, ideas to share, etc, The rest of us would love to check it out, comment, drool over the components, and gawk at either the completed car or stops along the build journey!

We hope to have TWENTY-plus V8 Miatas at Road Atlanta next weekend if you felt froggy and wanted to jump in and show up. You'll find a related thread on that elsewhere on this forum...

Welcome & glad you're here. Make yourself at home!


ItsAllRigged 04-16-2015 08:52 PM


But :ttiwwop:

SupaDupaSteve 04-17-2015 09:25 AM

Man you've got quite the garage there! Best of both worlds.

charchri4 04-17-2015 12:48 PM

Wow now that is a build thread I would like to see! So glad you are here and Dave is right no photos is just cruel... ;)


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